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  • Do you buy records?
    Absolutely! Always looking for classic rock, punk, metal, psych, doom, prog, rap, hip hop, R&B, soul and cool jazz LP's - any size collection. We will also look at records that don't fit into those categories. There may be something we can use. Condition matters but if it's unusual enough we may want it in any condition. We make housecalls if you are reasonably nearby to our Westmont Illinois brick and mortar store.
  • How do you price your records?
    We base pricing on a combination of rarity and condition, referring to various internet sites to assist in our research.
  • Do you sell merchandise other than vinyl LP's?
    Yes, we have an extensive selection of CD's and sheet music. We also carry some guitars, amplifiers, electronics and memorabilia.
  • Do you have gift certificates?
    You can purchase paper gift certificates at our store in Westmont or E-Gift cards on the homepage of this website.
  • Do you ship outside of the US?
    Yes, but send us a message indicating your location and item(s) desired.
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